The StreamIntra Project

As software engineers we have to consume lots and lots of information. Even after 20 years in the industry it's impossible to even come close to knowing a sliver of the total information available for developers. But that doesn't stop people from trying or learning, including myself. I've been doing a lot of reading of tech articles from Medium on SwiftUI to Hacker News and the newest startup. While I truly do enjoy reading, It can be mentally exhausting and as such it can be more stimulating to watch a video instead. Browsing Youtube, I start to realize a lot of the videos is either hard to find on new tech or concentrated with the bigger channels. Maybe this is something inherit with the platform itself or it just wasn't enough content. The latter option seems a lot more skeptical so I chose to assume the former and came up with the idea for StreamIntra:

The premise of the site is that is provides a platform exclusively for developers to share and watch content. Similar to how Stack Overflow pioneered the Q/A format for developers StreamIntra will also follow a similar avenue.

Repository support will most likely be present to allow easy viewing of code and a focus on smaller channels and tech without a lot of info/videos. Of course the users will dictate which content they want to watch and what they think is good with upvote/downvotes but the general direction is already laid out.

Not all content has to be informative (numberphile, CodewithChris, etc), it could also go the way of comedy like Techlead and JomaTech. Whatever it is, the platform will cultivate interest and learning for the tech community.

I purposely left the Github repo vague and empty, since it only has the landing page code on it. A well documented version will be available on the release of the beta. If your interested in working on the project now, please don't hesitate to ask!

As a side note, I plan to blog on a more rigorous schedule now, so please stay tuned if your interested. I hope you found this article interesting even if your not interested in the project, thank you for reading.